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Make exciting walking tours in the bush under the guidance of a Maasai warrior to better understand the eco-system, the animals and the vegetation, how the Maasais learned to use plants and barks to heal backaches, stomach aches or colds with absolutely natural systems. It will be possible to spend some nice moments with the local people to learn their rites, therefore to know something more about the Maasai spirit.
There will be a visit at a Maasai community on the top of a mountain at about 75 minutes from our village and this will make it possible for us to experience how it feels to live with little or nothing but with the simplicity and purity of a child, without knowing what happens in the rest of the world.

Through these people you learn the most genuine forms of knowledge, you will enjoy the true eco-tourism and you will play an active role in the process of preservation of the Maasai territory and culture.

There are various natural parks in the neighborhood, even quite closet o the village, and there will be enough time to spend entire days watching nature we usually just can see in documentary films.

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