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Before starting our eco-touristic project, we organized a group in January 2010 together with some Italian astrophysicists who wished to have a closer look at last January’s eclipse. 20 persons made a tour visiting some parks, went to the Rift Valley to observe the eclipse and visited our village to see how we operate on this territory and to share, if just for a few days, the Maasai’s daily life.

These visitors agreed that this trip was “unique” and that they certainly will repeat it. We could smell the fragrances, see that some things that we take for granted such as electricity (we moved around with torches), water (we heated it on the fire and poured the water of our showers from basins) are not granted for all. However, nature, kindness, being a whole with everything that surrounds you – these are the experiences that helped us to prepare our eco-friendly touristic development project. A project that includes some basic hygienic equipment but that gives a real awareness to everyone involved.

Arrival at the village   The group with the Overland

Ready for breakfast
The tents

Around the fire
Visiting the bush like the Maassai

Natural beauty
Contact with the people