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This Village is real Eco Camp, Because it was build by village women according to traditions respecting the environment and culture the most eco way possible ,no trees were cut down neither destroying any plants ,but it was build using very Local materials like dry wood ,Cow-dug, straw and mud and the floor is paved with Galana stone. In order to give the tourist unforgettable experience and for the local people to go on living without forget their origins and finally as rural inhabitants to gain a living, respecting their primeval values. Our village can host maximum 20 persons in “ten manyattas”, (typical Maasai huts). All “manyattas” are built with the traditional system: wood, straw and mud. Their ceiling is 2 m high, the floor is paved with Galana stone. Each “manyatta” has its own flush toilet and shower with a view of the bush, and each manyatta has two beds made with a wooden structure, mattress and bed linen. The “manyattas” are fitted with solar panels to provide for light. An extra bed can be added for a child. The dining area is placed in the village center on an open space with view on the bush.