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We plan to enlarge the dispensary which works in the Maasai community since 2007, taking care of approx. 500 patients every month.
More and more patients come to our dispensary and therefore we wish to build a laboratory for blood analysis and to timely diagnose the most common diseases such as Malaria and typhus, or to give advice to the patients so that they go to a hospital in Nairobi for better care or surgical interventions after having analyzed their blood free of charge.
An early cure or intervention may save a life before a disease or a problem irreparably endangers it.

There will also be a room where pregnant women can be visited and difficult childbirths can be assisted. Nowadays, children are born in the huts, without any medical assistance.

The young persons who now are studying to become doctors, medical assistants and nurses, will also attend special updating courses at Italian hospitals (such as Humanitas in Bergamo) who are ready to support these young people.